The Head Girl's Guide To Queen Anne's – Second Chapter

Tuesday 28th January 2014

On Monday 27 January, Head Girls Nilofar Samadi and Saskia Hamilton-Bowker gave an assembly on the relevance of New Year’s resolutions and all the things that they are both looking forward to in 2014.

We should constantly try to be the best we can be for ourselves and for the people around us.

Good morning all!

Once again, Nilofar and Saskia here, reporting for duty. Hopefully our faces and roles have become vaguely familiar over the past term.

Although it seems like centuries ago, you may remember our last assembly in which we parted with some friendly advice on how to make going about our daily lives at school a bit easier. Today we would like to open the second chapter of ‘The Head Girl’s Guide to Queen Anne’s’ and talk to you about the new year and the new us, the relevance of New year’s resolutions and some things that we have to look forward to in 2014.

First thing’s first, Happy New Year! It’s a little late, but, like getting a university offer, it’s better late than never… I live in hope. So, let us take a moment to reflect on 2013.

2013 saw the death of Margaret Thatcher, a meteorite crash in Siberian Russia, the resignation of one pope and the inauguration of another, the death of Nelson Mandela and most importantly, Tom Daley coming out of the closet. For us, 2013 was eventful to say the least. A lowlight for both of us was our AS grades, we were betrayed by our natural intelligence and only realised this when hit with the fact that my grades spelt the first four letters of the alphabet.

On the bright side, we loved the L6 Ball, despite the fact that neither of us could dance, or escape the sweaty palms. We had an excellent time and an amazing year!

But regardless of what may have happened last year, a new year gives us a new chance to make a new start. I, for example, make New Year’s resolutions every year and each year, they get more and more outrageous. This year, I went for a complete re-vamping of the system and decided to juggle three at once. To start my revision notes in January, to bring some good to the world and (wait for it) to become a fruitarian. For those of you who haven’t seen Notting Hill, a fruitarian is someone who only eats raw fruit freshly fallen from the tree. Alas, thus far, not a single page of revision notes have been made, I have not yet saved the world in manner of Mother Theresa and haven’t actually eaten a single piece of fruit since December.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is precisely the reason why I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. Why should we try to better ourselves, just because of one particular date, after all, there’s no time like the present. We should constantly try to be the best we can be for ourselves and for the people around us. Also, it is often the case that if we don’t keep our resolution to the end and make it a lifetime habit, we feel as if we have failed. For example, why should Nilofar feel as if life is no longer worth living, just because she was unable to pursue the life of a fruitarian?

Let us have a bit of audience participation. Please raise your hands if you’ve made a New Year’s resolution. Now keep your hands raised if you, bearing in mind we’re still in January, have kept your resolution. (Has anyone ever actually continued a resolution till the end of the year). So, why do we make these resolutions?

Nilofar and I frequently debate about this question in a philosophical manner and this, so far, is what we’ve come up with.

Philosophical theory No 1. I don’t know about you, but to me the Christmas holidays means food. My entire life means food but the Christmas holidays mean just more food. Food on food on food on food – with snacks. So is it natural for me, sitting on the sofa having gained more pounds than is healthy, having done no school work with the most important exams of my life on the horizon and generally having brought no goodness to the world for the past two weeks of the holidays to want to start afresh? Is it then not understandable that I thought that the only way out of this abyss was to become a fruitarian?

Philosophical theory No. 2. The fact that we save these self-improvements for the 1 Jan gives us a defined moment as to when to start becoming our new selves. Also, because it seems to be a worldwide phenomenon, we do not feel alone in our endeavours. For we have many amigos all around the world, who also vow to save money or get up earlier on weekends. So, naturally, we do feel less small and alone.

So what are we trying to say about New Year’s resolutions?  If you can make them and keep them, that’s great! But for those of us who have less self-control, don’t fret! It’s just a date after all; the most important thing is getting up after falling down. If a chocolate bar happens to find its way into your mouth and is no longer retrievable, then so be it – accept your mistakes and persevere for the long-haul.

Moving on swiftly and gracefully, 2014 is finally here and has already come with many surprises, the arrest of “the Biebs” (Justin Bieber), the start and finish of Sherlock Season 3 and we now know what a virtue is, thank goodness that’s been cleared up. We have so much to look forward to including the Winter Olympics in Sochi, the Football World Cup in Brazil and slightly closer to home, the Queen Anne’s 120th birthday in the summer.

So we would just like to leave you with best wishes for the upcoming year, we sincerely hope that 2014 brings extreme joy and that you all get everything you wish for. Just remember to approach everything with a smile on your face and a song in your heart.

We encourage you to sing with the passion and enthusiasm that we know lies deep in your souls.