“The Game’s Afoot” in Dramaramaland

Monday 7th September 2015

“I see you stand like greyhounds in the slips/Straining upon the start” are the famous words Shakespeare penned for Henry V and much the same can be said for Queen Anne’s very own dramanauts this term.

In fact, they were so eager to maintain their winning ways that there was scarcely a gap between the end of last term and the beginning of this term! In mid-July, we received the news of a bumper success in two sessions of LAMDA examinations – all 54 girls passed with Merits or Distinctions (19 Merits and an unprecedented 35 Distinctions), including Gold Medal candidates, Rosie Dart and Gabby Woodward. A special “big up”, though, must go to Maddie Clark, U4, who received the highest mark ever awarded to a Queen Anne’s girl with a staggering 97%!

In the big world outside Queen Anne’s, there was also great success for Caitlin Croke, U6, at the National Youth Theatre. She was a first-class ambassador for the school and an exemplary role model with her energy and team spirit.

There are further developments in dramaramaland this term as the department is extending its Speech and Drama programme by introducing the RADA Shakespeare Certificate in addition to the ever-popular LAMDA examinations.

Congratulations to all our drama pupils for their successes over the summer break.

Written by Mr Rhodri Punter, Head of Drama