Team Building Day for the 4s

Thursday 9th October 2014

On Tuesday 9 September, the 4s took part in a team building day. The day entailed the whole year group being off timetable and working together on communication, awareness of each others’ needs and improving social relationships. At lunchtime, the girls were set the task of working in pairs – one of the girls was blindfolded and her partner helped her choose lunch, walk to the table and eat lunch – essentially acting as her “eyes” throughout the task.

Maddie, 4s, provides us with her account of the day:

“A couple of weeks ago, my whole year group, 4’s, had a team building day. This was a day full of excitement, learning to trust each other and really getting to know every single person in my year group.

First of all, when I heard we had a team building day, I didn’t think it would be that fun. As it turns out, one of the first activities was such a laugh. We were asked to go into the friendship groups we feel that we are a part of and stand in a corner of the hall. However, my friend Ellie and I wanted to be friends with everybody, so she put her arms out and shouted” I am friends with everyone”. Then I started to join in. Next a few more people joined in and so on. Eventually it ended up with us all standing noisily on the fury cushioned chairs screaming noisily” we are friends with everyone”.

Once we got settled down, we had a discussion about having friendship groups. One girl, at the beginning, didn’t feel she was a part of any friendship group. We discussed this matter all together. I learnt that everyone is different and it doesn’t matter if you are part of a friendship group or not, but together as a community, with all the people united, we can make a happy world. This doesn’t mean always being a whole year group but just accepting that some people like to be by themselves and others don’t. But we can’t judge anyone by who their friends are. We all have to be our unique individuals.

All through the day we did a lot of marvellous activities. We learnt a lot about ourselves. For example we learnt about each others personalities and how we work together as a team. However, the most memorising activity was when we were asked to get into pairs. On of us had to wear a blind fold and the other had to guide them by using their voice or their hands. I was asked to guide Ellie down to the dining hall, help her get her food and help her eat her food. I had to put my hands on her shoulders and tell her what part of the school we were in so that she felt safe and had some knowledge of where we were. It must have been very scary for Ellie and the walk was full of screams and laughter.

We eventually reached the dining room. I told Ellie what was on offer for lunch and what it looked like so she could imagine the food. Ellie chose pasta so I guided her to the pasta tray slowly and helped her place her tray on the rack. It was like looking after a baby! I spooned her pasta asking how many spoons she wanted. We then headed to sign in. This is where I let go of  Ellie and she was really confused. I felt really bad afterwards and showed her to her table and pulled out her seat. It was like I was a waitress at a restaurant. At the table, Ellie was having some problems as she couldn’t eat her food properly. So I helped her to use her fork and knife to cut the food. After a while she finally finished and our task was complete! 

The main thing I learnt from that activity is that sometimes we have to put ourselves into other peoples’ shoes and see how they are feeling, whatever the situation is.  This activity helped me to improve my leadership skills by helping others when they are in need. We all have to help each other and not ignore anyone particularly if  they have a problem with themselves or are just in trouble. If we do this, we will be a better year group.

To conclude, I think that the team building day was very helpful. It helped me learn how to help everyone and accept everyone in their unique form. I have learnt how to gain trust of my year group and I have had the opportunity to get to know everyone a whole lot more. Thank you Queen Anne’s for organising this amazing day!”