Sixth Form Centre Update

Wednesday 24th February 2016

Please find below for an update on the progress of our new state-of-the-art Sixth Form Centre:

The new Sixth Form Centre and dining hall is making amazing progress! The building has been water tight since December, meaning that the recent rains have not delayed us and you can see from the pictures below that things are now moving on steadily.

On the ground floor, the underfloor heating is being installed; upstairs, the timber work for the walls has been put in place, allowing visitors to see exactly how big the various rooms are going to be. The kitchen design is complete and the new kitchen equipment is being on order by the designers.

The next steps will be the screening of the ground floor and further work on competing the upstairs walls including the first fix of services and insulation. Following that, it will be one long list of jobs to finish things off and get equipment installed – not forgetting finishing touches like the kitchen garden!

It’s been a tremendously exciting project so far and we can’t wait to get using it all in September!