Request For Unwanted Boots

Thursday 25th September 2014

Do you have a pair of unwanted football, lacrosse or astro turf boots lying around that could do with going to a new home?

1moreChild charity As part of our Charities programme, Queen Anne’s are looking to collect up to 200 pairs of old football or lacrosse boots to donate to the charity 1moreChild; a charity that helps to empower vulnerable children in Uganda through games, education and mentoring.

1moreChild was started by an English couple to help take children off the streets in Jinja, Uganda. It started with them playing football with the local children and now the charity provides school fees, three meals a day, school uniforms, school supplies, shoes, clothes, medical care, tutoring, mentoring, a football club and various other activities. 1moreChild also currently rents six houses in Jinja, four boys’ homes and two for girls. These homes accommodate the children that don’t have families, and act as a ‘youth centre’ for those who live in the slum village of Masese. The children who still live with their families come to the 1moreChild charityhouse every day and it has become a place that they all call ‘home’.

To these children, having a pair of “addidas” as they call whichever brand they may be, would be their prize possession as they have little if anything and currently mostly play football bare foot. The children are aged 6-18 and have larger than usual feet as they tend not to wear shoes at all. So even the largest adult sizes would be great!

To find out more information about the charity, please click here to watch a video about their work