Remembrance Service At Queen Anne's

Friday 13th November 2015

On Wednesday 11 November, the community of Queen Anne’s came together for the school’s Remembrance Service to commemorate Armistice Day.

The service was led by Queen Anne’s Chaplain, Reverend Rachel Ross Smith, and began with a reading by Headmistress, Mrs Julia Harrington, of “Marching Men” by Majorie Pickthall. Staff and pupils then listened to stories of men and women whose lives were destroyed by wars in the last hundred years, presented by staff members Dr Juliet Ingram, Mrs Lyndsey White and Mrs Deborah Storey and pupils Charlotte Leaver and Rosemary Griffin.

Before the Remembrance Day service, pupils and staff had been encouraged to share any names of those that they wanted to remember during the day. The names had then been gathered and formed into the symbol of the poppy which was then shown during the service. Reverend Rachel Ross Smith spoke about how the poppy is “a symbol that speaks to us of the sacrifice made by others so that we have freedom to choose a society where all humanity is valued whatever our, creed, colour, gender, disability, sexual orientation and wealth.” 

During the service, the Chamber Choir performed “So they gave their bodies for the Commonwealth”, written by Peter Aston, and the Chamber Choir performed Salvator Mundi by David Bednall. The prayers were also led by pupils Isabella Marino and Hannah Stronach and Beulah Waritimi read a bible reading from John 15.12-17.


Poppy for Remembrance