Queen Anne's Enjoy Networking Dinner with Reading School

Tuesday 19th November 2013

On Friday 15 November, some of the Upper Sixth pupils from Reading School were invited to Queen Anne’s for a networking dinner with a selection of our Upper Sixth girls.
Each pupil that attended the dinner was asked to supply one fact about themselves. The facts were then distributed amongst the attendees with pupils receiving 5 facts each. They then had to try to find the girl/ boy to whom the fact belonged to. The idea was to use these facts as an ‘ice-breaker’ to facilitate conversation between the boys and girls. After about half an hour of ‘networking’, the pupils sat down to a delicious meal. At the end of the main course, the boys were asked to rotate in a clockwise direction to the next table, giving everyone a chance to get to know each other.

Everyone enjoyed the evening immensely and the Queen Anne’s girls made many new contacts, and potential friends, with the delightful, polite and talented boys from Reading School.  We hope that this will become an annual event as we would like to develop our relationship with the school further. Queen Anne’s already operates a programme of mutual interviews with Reading and Kendrick schools, which are primarily intended for Oxbridge and Medicine (and related) courses, as well as attending the excellent Reading School Lectures programme. It is hoped that we can build on these liaisons and develop a co-operative relationship whereby we both attend each other’s Careers and UCAS events.

See below for a slideshow of photographs from the evening: