Pupils Participate In Guinness World Record Attempt

Friday 13th November 2015

On Tuesday 3 November, 49,005 learners registered around the world in 18 countries participated in an attempt to gain the Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Maths and Science Lesson.

At Queen Anne’s, 55 L4 pupils, encourage by their teachers, participated in a lesson on DNA.  Part of the lesson consisted of calculating the length of DNA in the human body (approx. 1200 million kilometres – that’s 1,500 return trips to the moon, or 4 return trips to the sun.)  Then, the girls were asked to create a model of DNA using string, pasta and straws! Here are some of the comments made by the girls involved:

“I really enjoyed the investigation because it was a clever mix of different subjects. Every part of it was really fun and engaging – the hardest part was threading the pasta and tubes in the right order onto the string.”

“I really enjoyed being part of the Guinness World Record Attempt for the largest maths and science lesson. It was challenging but fun to do. I hope we can do more lessons like this.”

“I really enjoyed the DNA lesson because everyone was involved and had fun working in groups.  Also, it involved science as well as maths, so it was a great combination!”

“I really enjoyed the science /maths lesson.  I liked how we had to user our maths skills to make something creative.”