Pupils Participate in Brighter Thinking Forum

Monday 5th January 2015

U5 students, Rosie Griffin and Susie Liddell, have scored a well deserved winning place for Queen Anne’s in the first ever Brighter Thinking Forum. The ‘Brighter Thinking’ definition video, jointly created by Rosie and Susie alongside pupils from Wanstead High School as part of a marketing activity, really impressed the judges and their winning idea will now be implemented into the 2015 marketing plans for Cambridge University Press.

The girls created the video as part of The Brighter Thinking Forum, organised by Cambridge University Press, which took place on Friday 28 November in Cambridge.

Accompanied by Miss Bethan Greenhalgh, Susie and Rosie took part in the day which involved pupils from a number of schools getting involved in a range of real-world business activities and scenarios that were designed to help develop communication, media and business skills.

Speaking following the event, Rosie Griffin said, “The event was incredible! We had so much fun! It really helped us gain confidence in presenting to strangers as well.”

To find out more about the day, Rosie and Susie have put together a report sharing their experiences:

“After weeks of enthusiastic emails, the day of the Brighter Thinking Forum had finally come. We had no idea what to expect. Would there be four or twenty four other schools taking part? Would we work individually or in mixed groups? Would we be listening to speakers or taking part in activities? I could only speculate about the answers to the questions at five forty five in the morning!

The Brighter Thinking Forum was held at Cambridge University Press, the oldest publishing house in the world. We were directed towards the correct location for the forum, which was towards the back of the huge and modern campus. Greeted at the door by Cambridge University Press Representatives, we were handed name badges and seated at a table. 

After an introduction, which explained the basis of the Brighter Thinking scheme, we listened to three talks. The first was delivered by a gentleman who worked at the Press company. He spoke about the company’s history and why they set up the initiative. Next Stella, a scientist working for the global company Unilever, spoke about the importance of broader thinking in business and the developing world. The final talk was about the need to inspire innovation and creative thinking in every aspect of life. These speeches helped me to realise that there are more positive ways to approach, not only my studies, but also my family and social life.

Next, we were separated into groups with members from different schools. This came as a shock to Susie and I as we had planned on working together. However, this turned out to be a benefit as we both ended up contributing valuable ideas to our separate groups. Each group was given an adult mentor and an activity brief. My group were given the role of adapting our mentor’s idea for a study guide app, which would be available to GCSE English students studying literature. We came up with a Pro’s and Con’s list and developed blue prints for the home page, login page and navigation bars. We managed to transform the app into a personalised and interactive learning platform for all subjects. We presented our ideas with the aid of a Powerpoint to the other groups in the forum. This activity helped me to realise that in order to be creative, you do not need to be around those you know. I found that I could confidently present my ideas in front of a group of people I had never met before.

After a hot lunch, Susie and I were reunited. However, seeing that there were only two of us, we joined another school to complete the second activity. The aim of the activity was to establish what Brighter Thinking meant to us and come up with an idea that could be used to promote this view. After heated discussions and furiously scribbled drawings, we came up with our idea. Our idea was that Brighter Thinking has a separate meaning to each individual person. When presenting our plan, we all said our definitions at once to enhance our point. To make the Brighter Thinking idea more accessible, we came up with a Youtube video. In the video, we would interview celebrities on what their views of Brighter Thinking were. The video would end with the whole screen filled with the interviews, in a tile like graphic. This would represent the flexibility and individuality of the term Brighter Thinking. We presented this to the forum with a Powerpoint behind to clarify our plan.

Following the second activity, there was a closing thank you and goodbye speech. I found the forum inspiring and eye-opening. The day was an incredible experience and I hope to do something similar again. We recently found out that our celebrity Brighter Thinking Youtube video idea won. This was an incredible honour to receive and I hope the Brighter Thinking scheme goes far.” 

Click here to view a video of The Brighter Thinking Forum

The Brighter Thinking Forum