L4 PGL Weekend

Monday 22nd September 2014

On Friday 12 September through to Sunday 14 September, the L4 year group enjoyed an excellent time on the PGL Weekend Trip to Windmill Hill where they took part in many exciting new activities including the ‘Giant Swing’ which was by far the favourite for all the girls.

Most importantly the girls made many new friends and here are some quotes from the girls themselves about the trip:

“The best thing about PGL was the giant swing because when you’re 8 meters in the air (which felt like 100 meters) and you let go, you suddenly swing down with your heart in your mouth and feel like you’re flying.” Sophie

“PGL was awesome because it was such a great bonding experience because everyone got to know at least three new people.” Jessica 

“PGL was great fun with many different activities, which all included working together as a team, which was a very good skill for us to learn. My favourite activity was the raft building because it was fun splashing the other team.” Jemima 

“PGL was one of the best trips I have ever been on!” Alice

“PGL was so much fun! The activities really helped me to just relax and make loads of new friends.” Anna 

“I thought PGL was really fun because all the staff were nice, friendly and helpful.” Camille 

Please see below for a slideshow of photographs from the weekend:

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