Mother's Day Celebrations at Queen Anne's

Tuesday 1st April 2014

To celebrate Mother’s Day, held on Sunday 30 March, Queen Anne’s pupils have been busy being creative and showing just how much their mums mean to them.

On Wednesday 29 March, Mrs Tiffany Doughty-Davis, Assistant Head, delivered an assembly on the topic of Mother’s Day, which included a number of messages from pupils talking about what their mums mean to them under the title “My Mum Is…”

Click here to view the messages.

Mother's Day Card Making

Pupils also had the opportunity to make a variety of Mother’s Day cards as part of an activity at tea time.


“On Wednesday 29 March Mrs Doughty Davis gave a whole school assembly on the topic of ‘Mothers and their tolerance’. She included stories from our teachers about how they got into trouble when they were younger and yet were forgiven and guided by their mums.  She also showed a YouTube clip which included everything a mother says in a 24 hour period condensed into 3.5 minute video to the tune of the William Tell Overture – very funny!  On a more serious note, Mrs Doughty Davis showed her recorded message to her mum saying thank you for being such a good mum and she encouraged us to do the same or to make a Mother’s day card.  At tea we were given lots of coloured paper, envelopes and stickers to make a personal card for our own mums.  My mum was really touched by mine which shows that the personal touch is appreciated so much more.”