Sixth Form Centre Update

Wednesday 28th October 2015

As work on the school’s new Sixth Form Centre progresses, Mr Edward Hellings, Director of Finance at Queen Anne’s, provides an update on the work currently being undertaken on the site.

October 2015

“Everything remains on target to ensure that the new Sixth Form Centre building will be weather tight before Christmas. The steel frame for the building is complete, which allows everyone to appreciate how big the overall structure is going to be. And it looks very impressive! Walking around the ground floor, it is now possible to get a real feel for how big the various areas will be including the new Café 6 area, dining hall, lobby and the Sixth Form Learning Zone. We still have to use a bit of imagination to understand how it will finally look inside, but the overall impression is that the building will be very spacious.”

“The ground floor slab was laid in September, with the first floor slab just a few days ago, so we can now walk right through the whole expanse of both floors. On the first floor, there will be four classrooms alongside offices, again with ample space. In addition, the parapet roofs have now been formed on which the two green roofs, visible from the first floor, will be located, although the greenery will actually be planted much later on.”

“Much of the ground floor will be enclosed by glass panels, giving a very light feel to the whole building. The remaining panels on the ground floor have been formed with timber. Membranes are now being installed and bricklaying for these will start over half term, followed by plasterboarding afterwards. The bricks are on site, ready to go. Rather than the usual size bricks, these are longer and thinner; the idea being to reflect the brickwork of surrounding buildings such as Wilkins House but to also ensure that the Sixth Form Centre is a definitively different build. A trial panel has already been laid to show how they should look in the building.”

“Scaffolding is now in place to allow the panels on the first floor to be built. These will be mainly clad with terracotta and the top floor will be framed with a zinc cladding.”

“Work also continues inside Moore House. The back staircase has been removed and all stripping out of floors, services and other items is complete. The design for the new kitchen is nearly complete – we are awaiting confirmation of a couple of final details then work can begin on putting the floors back at the right levels, putting the electrics back in the right places for the new equipment, fitting the gas supplies etc. The famous Queen Anne’s brownies will be just as good from their new home!”