L6 Ball 2016

Tuesday 8th March 2016

On Saturday 6 February, the L6 Ball took place at Queen Anne’s School. Following months of ballroom lessons, our L6 students came together with students from the Oratory School and Shiplake College. L6 student, Tosin, provides her update of the Ball:

“Better than Strictly its self, the Lower Sixth Ball turned out to be a spectacular event. We weren’t all pros when we first started, but as the weekly ballroom dancing sessions approached, every Friday, we looked forward to learning and perfecting the Jive, Cha Cha, Foxtrot and the Waltz. Despite initial possible nerves and definite awkward handshakes, the boys took the lead and Queen Anne’s girls followed, counting ‘1,2,3’ at all times so that we’d never lose our feet, co-ordination or rhythm. With days getting closer to the shindig itself, at this point we were ready to face the ballroom competition and most importantly enjoy the night.

It’s Saturday 6 February 2016 and the day has finally arrived! Finally! Dresses were hung, and our make-up brushes were at the ready along with our shoes and other accessories. Our Prep, and I don’t mean prep due in for a Monday morning, started at 4.00pm!  Taxis were repeatedly called to Holmes and several arrived at the Oracle Shopping Centre to ensure that the finishing touches of manicures and haircuts were shaped to precision.  Phones? Check.  But no one knows why we stressed over that when we had Mr Ian Chapman capturing every favourable moment of the evening. We took our umbrellas as it rained on that day and thankfully, no eyelashes slipped off as we elegantly walked to the Forum, meeting waiters and waitresses with a tray of champagne.

We had seen the boys in sweats, Jeans and muddy trainers for 18 weeks however they turned heads dapperly dressed in tuxedos, not to forget that candidate number written on a piece of paper and placed on their backs was a part of their dress code too.  We excitedly huddled into the hall which was finely decorated with masquerade centre pieces and lights dancing around to heighten the ambient atmosphere.

The night’s best memory was the main course as we were served chicken wrapped in bacon with potatoes and raspberry cheesecake dessert to top off our taste buds.

Professional judges tapped in and out to single out the contenders, which were many that evening. With a big a congratulations to Yeshe Thapa Magar and Tosin Olukanni – winners of the Jive. Nicole McKay and Alex Hanson, winners of the Foxtrot, Annabel Marlow and Sasha Eastbrook for winning the Waltz and Tosin Olukanni and Tiara Wada for winning the ChaCha. Both girls and Queen Anne’s staff did multiple freestyles to celebrate every participant and, all in all, to simply show off their dance moves. Team dances between the Oratory and Shiplake were the best to watch as each school  competed with the other, with the Oratory final victors.

Crowned with awards and a vote of thanks to all who contributed to the success of the night, the Lower Sixth Ball exceeded all our expectations. Our special gratitude goes to the dance instructors, Sharon, Gary and Julie whose effort and endurance over the past six months was commendable; Mrs Storey, Miss Swindles, Miss Casement, Miss Newton and Miss Kerr who made sure we never missed a single ballroom lesson; and last but not least the boys at Oratory and Shiplake who tackled the dancefloor with us and managed to maintain an exuberant atmosphere.”

Written by Tosin Olukanni (L6) 

Click here to view photographs from the L6 Ball