L5 Brain Training Morning

Thursday 16th October 2014

On Thursday 9 October, the L5 year group enjoyed a Brain Training Morning. The session kicked off with a short introduction from Miss Robinson about an interesting experiment based on how being able to juggle increases the white matter in our brains, as conducted at German and English universities.

We were then shown a short demonstration from a very talented pair of jugglers, who could balance and throw clubs, balls and even spinning plates in every direction. A special technique called ‘isolation’, which is usually performed with a transparent ball, definitely had us all in awe. The year group then split into two groups; one went downstairs to do some juggling, and the other stayed in the Forum for a talk on memory strategies from Miss Greenhalgh.

We were then set with the task of memorising all of the Oscar winners from 1991 to 2000. At first, we all thought this task to be impossible, but, by the end of the session we knew them all! The groups then swapped around and each had a go at the other activity. In juggling, we balanced peacock feathers on almost every part of our body, juggled with scarves and some brave ones even attempted to juggle with three balls! It was time for break and we had another session of psychology and juggling and by the time it was lunchtime, we were all sad that the morning had ended and I believe that the nearest store selling juggling balls suddenly found a bunch of Queen Anne’s L5 students at their door!

All in all, we really enjoyed the morning and we learnt a lot of different revision techniques to help us with our examinations.

Written by Emma, L5

Please see below for a slideshow of photographs from the morning:

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