L5 Art & Design Trip to The Courtauld Institute Galleries and Tate Britain

Monday 25th November 2013

On Wednesday 13 November, the L5 Art students were treated to a wonderful visit to The Courtauld Institute and National Portrait Galleries. A coach journey took the group door to door to arrive for a very interesting lecture tour of the Courtauld Galleries by one of their specialist Art History lecturers.

The tour had been organised in advance by Mr Mike Norcross, Head of Art, and was tailored to compliment and underpin the studio work the girls have been doing with the figure and portraiture. This was the focus of the lecturer who had been primed to make sure that there were plenty of targeted questions designed to encourage our artists to form some procedures for analysing pictures and works of art in general. The group had some excellent stimulating question and answer sessions on several of the works concentrated on in the tour, which really made the girls think and examine more carefully other works in the collection.

As it was such a sunny autumn day, the group walked to The National Portrait Gallery along the Embankment. Here, our staff were able to describe and discuss with students the background to the vast range of portraits and challenge our girls to put into practice the methods they had just learned at the Courtauld Galleries. This will hopefully help explain the answers to the questions they raised and enable further research on their return to school. The group arrived at the gallery in time to undertake analysis works of their choosing. At 2.20pm, the group were picked up outside the gallery and and arrived back at Queen Anne’s in good time for tea.