L4 Trip To Beale Park

Friday 3rd October 2014

On Monday 29 September, the L4 year group took part in a Biology trip where they travelled to Beale Park, a wildlife park near Pangbourne.

The visit involved practical field work where the L4 pupils had the opportunity to use the ponds in the grounds and look at the adaptations of the animals kept in the zoo. Please find below for a review of the trip from the pupils themselves:

“Beale Park was really good fun. Once we had arrived, we began by pond dipping in small groups. We caught an array of different organisms including water stick-insects, pond skaters and leaches. After pond dipping, we played a variety of adaptation games, which looked at where the sun’s energy goes in a food web and how each organism is dependent on one another.

We then had lunch in the park and went around in our small groups where we saw many interesting and exciting animals. We learnt how they had adapted to their environments, for example, the Lemur has a long tail for balance when it jumps from tree to tree and the Snowy Owl has white fur to enable them to be camouflaged from their prey. We really enjoyed the train journey around the park and being able to buy an ice cream at lunch time!”

Please see below for a slideshow of photographs from the trip:

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