L4 PGL Adventure Trip

Monday 28th October 2013

On the weekend of the 18-20 October, the L4 year group embarked on a trip to a PGL centre in Hailsham. The girls have written this report about their adventurous trip:


On arrival at the centre, we were supplied with a delicious lunch, which consisted of sausage rolls and gravy. We then set off for rifle shooting and the zip wire. The zip wire was really fun because it was so long and everyone had a chance to take it turns. The stars of the zip wire were Natalia and Hannah, who did an impressive leg holding pose down the zip wire.

Friday night saw the whole year group gather around the campfire. Tommy and Dan (the instructors) taught us some funny songs, including the banana song and the Tarzan song. They also showed us their special powers of reading each other’s minds.

When Miss Robinson knocked on our door at 7am on Saturday morning, we were not ready to wake up. We slowly got out of bed and prepared for the exciting day ahead of us. On Saturday we enjoyed abseiling, BMX, fencing and the giant swing. On the giant swing and abseiling, many of us faced our fears and braved the great heights. Amy Nicoll said,

“I found abseiling, the zip wire and the giant swing challenging because I am afraid of heights. The highlight was meeting and talking to girls that I had never spoken to before. I learnt that you should try everything because if you don’t you may miss out.”

Saturday night was D.I.S.C.O night! The disco was really fun and many of us were dancing on the stage!

On Sunday we had two activities left to enjoy, aeroball and canoeing. Miss Robinson managed to capsize nearly everybody’s boat, which we were not very impressed with.

During our time at PGL we played many games, including tag, duck duck goose, the parachute game and the cow game. These games were very competitive, exciting and it was great to see everyone enjoying themselves, and each other’s company.

We really learnt a lot on our trip.  We learnt how to work as a team, how to have fun, to face our fears and we learnt a variety of skills too. We made new friends and also learnt that the lake is really cold! Other L4 pupils who went on the trip said:

“The highlights of my trip to PGL were aeroball and the giant swing. They were both my favourite activities and they were soooooo much fun to do. I learnt that no matter where you are or who you are with, anything can be super exciting!” Talia Jones

“At PGL I learnt so much but what I think was really important was the team work. Team work with your friends is really important because it brings you together and creates a bond between you. It helps with friends you have known for all your life and with people you just met. PGL really was fun and I hope to go back again.” Sophia Ekundayo

“What I learnt from PGL was that you should always try to go out of your comfort zone, and try to do new things and meet new people. Overall, it was a great experience!” Gracie Whiteford

Click here to view a slideshow of photographs from the weekend: