L4 Drama Production of 'The Odyssey'

Tuesday 13th January 2015

After ten years fighting the Trojan War, the Greeks tricked their enemy into opening the gates of Troy by hiding inside a wooden horse. The Greeks climbed out of the horse and destroyed Troy. The man behind this idea was Odysseus. Our story is of the next ten years as Odysseus struggles to return home to Ithaca.

The L4 Drama Production of ‘The Odyssey’ will take place on Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 January at 7.30pm in the Performing Arts Centre (PAC). The girls have rehearsed in lessons and will come together for the show. Working as an ensemble on a bare stage, The Odyssey will showcase their storytelling and imaginative ideas.

The Odyssey is an ancient tale with timeless themes; war, death, love, faith, revenge and wonderment. The L4 invite you to join them on their journey as they tell this wonderful story.

Performances will take place on Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 January and will last just over an hour with no interval.