L4 Drama Production of "The Odyssey"

Monday 19th January 2015

On Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 January, the L4 year group took part in two drama performances of “The Odyssey.” Mrs Natalie Scott, Teacher of Speech and Drama, provides us with a review of the performances:

“This academic year, the drama department chose to throw the L4 year group in the deep end, working the girls towards a public performance in their very first term. We chose to work on the play “The Odyssey”. The piece was playful and creative and it showcased the girls’ imaginative ideas and involved many theatre styles and techniques. It pushed them physically, vocally and imaginatively.

Throughout the Michaelmas term, the girls worked on the story of “The Odyssey”. They developed a section of the story in class and came together for just one rehearsal before performing. It was a collaborative and creative process, which allowed the girls freedom to contribute their ideas to the performance. They performed as an ensemble, supporting each other to tell this wonderful story.

Following the performances, those in attendance remarked at how advanced the work was compared to what they had seen at previous schools. Everyone was impressed with how composed and focused the girls were and it was certainly a performance the girls can all be proud of.”

Please find below for a selection of photographs from the performances.Thank you to Mr Ian Chapman for taking the photographs:

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