JoAnn Deak Visits Queen Anne's

Monday 15th December 2014

On Friday 5 December, Queen Anne’s pupils, staff and parents were treated to a transatlantic visit from educator and psychologist Dr JoAnn Deak.

JoAnn Deak hosted a series of sessions throughout the day for pupils and parents with each session tailored to a particular audience. The session for students in years U5-U6, for example, was driven very much by questions from the girls about the brain, and like true Queen Anne’s girls, they offered a whole host of varied and challenging questions on topics such as the effects of caffeine, sleep and exercise on the brain.

The afternoon began with a session exclusively for Dads, with JoAnn Deak requesting that mothers, girls, and female staff were not present during the seminar. Following the session, the overall consensus was that those in attendance, felt thoroughly informed about just what is going on in the mysterious workings of a teenage girl’s brain.

The day ended with a session for Parents in which JoAnn Deak invited a variety of questions and focused particularly on the importance of varied experience to help stretch the brain. The takeaway message for all pupils, staff and parents who attended on the day is that we must develop our core skills by stepping beyond our comfort zone as this is where the true learning takes place.

If parents would like to receive a copy of the slides from any of the JoAnn Deak Seminars, please contact Miss Bethan Greenhalgh, Teacher of Psychology