Inspirational Presentations At The Extended Project Awards Evening

Wednesday 27th January 2016

Twelve of Queen Anne’s Upper Sixth students showcased their award-winning Extended Projects in front of families and friends at the Extended Project Awards Evening, held last night (Tuesday 26 January). In addition to the prize winners giving short presentations about their work, those present enjoyed a selection of musical performances from members of the VOCES8 group, the Saxaholics and Tosin Olukanni.

Students who gave presentations included:

  • Lola Martin – V/V/MMXV who would the ancients have voted for?
  • Umay Acar – Influences of Norse Mythology over Tolkien’s Works
  • Parinda Ansusinha – Acupuncture – does it really work?
  • Rosie Dart – Hidden – Writing a screenplay
  • Laura Bunce – What are the sporting injuries – can they be healed and can they ever be prevented?
  • Tilly Brock – Turning volunteers into conscripts: the organ donation debate
  • Amelia de Normann – The Victoria Gothic: A collection of ideas and essays
  • Orla Jones – Does class, race or gender of an individual have an effect on the American Criminal Justice System: the equality of their trial or severity of the punishment received?
  • Charlotte Peachey – A comparison of the human and dolphin mind
  • Poppy Suthon – Investigating the prevalence of psychopathic traits in the general population
  • Charlotte Way – To what extent does the behaviour of characters in dystopian literature and la novela del dictator reflect the behaviour of those both ruling and living under real-life dictorial regimes?
  • Gabby Woodward – More: A study of composing music for film

Following the presentation of prizes to the Sixth Form students, Mrs Harrington said,

“It was inspirational to see the diversity of the topics that the girls have covered tonight, in particular, the breadth and depth of their research, their presentation skills and the well-thought-out conclusions and results they they have produced.  

It was also extraordinary to see girls, who are also heavily involved in so many other aspects of school life, giving so much tonight.  A huge thank you to all our staff who have mentored, encouraged and supported them.  This was, of course, only a small selection of the work of the year group and the standard was very high across the board.”

All of the students in last year’s Lower Sixth were required to undertake an Extended Project over the summer holiday. Some of these were in the form of essays but others wrote plays, poems or made videos.