Headmistress for the Day – Alice Ives

Tuesday 18th November 2014

On Wednesday 5 November 2014, Alice Ives, L5 (year 10) was our Headmistress for the Day, following the QASPA (Queen Anne’s School Parents’ Association) Scarlet Ball in September.  Read on below to find out how Alice got on…

Alice5I started my day as Headmistress with speaking in assembly. It was daunting at first but my legs didn’t give way, my voice didn’t tremble (too much!), I think I actually did quite a good job at starting the assembly, if I do say so myself!

This was followed by the calendar meeting, during which I was required to take notes and later follow-up on the topics discussed by writing emails to different people (from the headmistress@qas.org.uk account!). I also had to write a letter to QASPA thanking them for sponsoring one of the new lampposts built outside the main entrance in recognition of the school’s 120th birthday this year.  I found this ‘formal writing’ task surprisingly difficult, but was helped immensely by my PA on the day, Mrs Becky Livingstone, Alice 4who typed the letter and delivered it to me for signing in a large red book which was marked “Mrs Harrington, signature book” on the front. That definitely made me feel pretty special – signing an official letter handed to me in a special book!

I really enjoyed meeting the two Tycoons teams who came to pitch their ideas to me and ask for guidance in how to best market their products and advertise them around the school.

The Smarties cookies I chose for break were a success, but the Kentucky fried chicken for lunch was a real treat enjoyed by everyone! For once Café 6 had no customers, as everyone was in the main dining room. Thank you to the catering team for delivering a delicious and special lunch! I enjoyed mine in a special takeaway-style box along with the head and deputy head girls, the L5 reps, three of my friends, the bursar and the architect in charge of the new Sixth From Centre in Mrs Harrington’s study.

Alice 6The afternoon was taken up by the food committee meeting, where each house’s representatives discussed their wishes with the Deputy Headmistress and the Catering manager. This was followed by a marketing meeting which addressed the forthcoming “Inspiring Women” conference, meeting attended also by Buddy, Miss Robinson’s dog, who was a bundle of joy! Dogs played a large part in my day, as I also had to take Mrs. Harrington’s dogs – Bobby and Bella – for a walk, it wasn’t a very long one though!

A definite highlight of my afternoon was getting the chance to go into the school archives, which are full of the school’s history. I was particularly interested in all the past uniforms, there were dolls dressed in miniature versions of each and some of the real uniforms which people had returned to the school, including some rather intriguing-looking pairs of red sport knickerbockers, I pity the girls who had to wear them…

This was a very busy day for me and I was honestly exhausted by the end of it. I had sorely underestimated the number of tasks I was expected to take on. And it was only one day! – I don’t know how Mrs Harrington does it!

I really enjoyed my day. Everyone was so nice to me and I got to see what running a school was really like, and let me tell you, it’s not easy! I would like to thank Mrs Harrington for trusting me to be Headmistress for the day!

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