Head and Deputy Head Girls' Assembly – Acts of Kindness Week

Tuesday 10th February 2015

To celebrate the start of Acts of Kindness Week at Queen Anne’s, Head Girls Connor Baldridge and Laren Tayyip and Deputy Head Girls Verity Taylor and Valera Bamgbala gave an assembly on Monday 9 February to the whole school. The aim of the assembly was to have a light hearted theme but to also motivate people while reminding them about acts of kindness.

Assembly – Monday 9 February

Music coming in: Ain’t no mountain high enough

Laren: Good Morning everyone, for those of you who don’t know, this week is Acts of Kindness Week. We wanted to kick off the week with a fun assembly to get you inspired to branch out and think about what you could do for someone to make their day a little bit brighter. We thought instead of listing things you could do, we might just do a few ourselves this morning.

Connor: So listen up to our sage advice and hopefully entertaining banter. First fun fact to cheer everybody up, you have only 5 days left before half-term, and for those of us participating on the Music trip to Rome, that’s only 4 and a half days! And here are a few adorable animal facts to start your day off right.

Verity: Baby Chimps are basically like human baby girls, they like playing with dolls and they make them out of sticks and rocks for themselves.

Valera: Goats are not very different from us, they have different accents in their speech.

Laren: Rats are ticklish, if you tickle a rat (which is a possibility), you’ll see it giggling straight away.

Connor: Pandas are tinier than a human baby when they are born. They weigh as much as a cup of tea when they are born.

Verity: Snow Leopards love their tails because they snuggle them when they sleep to keep warm.

Valera: BUT, enough with the cute animal facts, instead, we would like to spread some of our wisdom that we have learnt over the last six years at Queen Anne’s.

Verity: L4’s: Don’t stress about school too much just yet. Take things easy and take this time to decide what it is you like studying most. Whilst your end of year exams are important to monitor your progress, you’ll have plenty of time to worry about exams in the future… By the time you get to L5, you worry about little more than your exams.

Laren: 4’s: Get stuck into everything you can whether it be lacrosse, netball, swimming, music or drama – you’ll never believe the amounts of things you become amazing at by the time you’re in U6.

Connor: U4’s: Friendships are important but stop wasting all your time and efforts on worrying about whether you’re hanging out with the right crowd or the wrong one. Be friends with people you want to be friends with. Don’t limit yourself to one group of people. By the time you’re in the Sixth Form, you’ll laugh at the idea that you refused to go to lunch unless you were with particular people.

Laren: L5’s: Seriously, boys smell, like…whatever. Wait a little longer for them to mature…well actually they don’t get that much better by the Sixth Form.

Valera: U5’s: Don’t cry about how hard GCSE’s are. Please enjoy them before you’re sucked into the abyss of doom which comes with A Levels…No seriously enjoy GCSE’s.

Connor: L6’s: STOP SLEEPING IN YOUR FREE PERIODS. START REVISING NOW. RIGHT. NOW. Just kidding.. but cramming the week before is a bad idea. I mean.. you could feel that you have found the meaning of life and found the solution to end world hunger and still get a U. Trust me, we know.

Valera: U6’s: You go girl.. You eat that cake.. You eat away your feelings. You are perfectly justified..Dont let anybody tell you how to live your life. You see those people telling you that you eat too much apple crumble? Yeah those people? You don’t need those kinds of negative people in your life.

Laren: And now for what we feel is a very motivational video to kick off your Monday.

Click here to view the motivational video

Verity: So with the essence of this video, and some of our advice, we hope you can embrace Monday, spread your kindness and have a good day! Here is a cat video you can enjoy for a couple of minutes before leaving…

Music leaving: When the day comes, Nico and Vinz