Have You Ever Wanted to Meet a Famous Author?

Thursday 24th October 2013

Last Monday, the Queen Anne’s Book Club, a group of avid readers in the L4-L5, had the chance to do just that at the opening of the Berkshire Book Awards. Upon arrival at Bearwood College, we took our seats in the bustling auditorium, excited to be surrounded by so many like-minded bookworms! All around us were other keen readers aged ten to fourteen, eager to be introduced to H.L. Dennis, the author of the acclaimed Secret Breakers series.BBA2 2013

Helen Dennis, who writes under the initials H.L., was a charismatic speaker who captivated us with the thrilling tale of how her idea for a book about child code-breakers was conceived. She told us how during the Second World War, certain people found to have the necessary attributes of top code-breakers were sent to a secret code-breaking school, hidden in the English countryside. Dennis then invited members of the audience to have a go at solving some of the same puzzles as the characters in her series.

The fourth instalment of the series, ‘Tower of the Winds’, chronicles the next epic adventure of Team Veritas, a specially selected team of young people chosen for their abilities to see patterns in coded writing, enabling them to crack complex codes and overcome the problems that they encounter. Dennis ended her presentation by inviting questions from the audience, including some from aspiring authors who wanted to know the secret to becoming successful. Apparently, a garden shed is a brilliant place to let your creative juices flow without interruption from your pesky family!

Berkshire Book AwardsYou can visit Helen Dennis’s website here for background information about the series and to try to crack some codes for yourself.

Written by Felix Manocha, L5