GCSE Latin And Classical Civilisation Trip To Bath

Tuesday 15th December 2015

On 26 November, a group of GCSE Latin and Classical Civilisation students visited the Roman religious spa, Aquae Sulis – otherwise known as Bath – to experience first-hand some of Britain’s finest Roman archaeological remains.

While the Latinists impressed the other museum visitors by deftly translating the inscriptions, the Classical Civilisation posse toured the museum with audio guides and worksheets to consolidate their knowledge of Roman public baths.

Some of Roman Bath’s most interesting artefacts are the curse tablets dedicated to Sulis Minerva (Sulis was a local Celtic deity whom the Romans recognised as their goddess Minerva). These little scrolls of lead were inscribed with messages asking the goddess to wreak her revenge on those who had done their authors wrong, then thrown into the sacred waters.

The main pool is particularly magical at this time of year, with steam rising from naturally hot water to mingle with the winter chill and the voices of nearby carol singers.  Mindful of their impending examinations, many of the girls did as the Romans did and propitiated Sulis Minerva with a coin thrown into the shrine’s sacred spring.  An entirely unnecessary precaution in our opinion!

We couldn’t possibly leave without sampling the mineral-rich waters for ourselves: an experience which necessitated a leisurely stroll round the sugary delicacies of the Bath Christmas market to take the taste away…