GCSE Art Trip

Thursday 15th October 2015

On Tuesday 13 October, forty GCSE Art students and four teachers travelled up to London to visit the National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery on a cold October morning.

The point of this trip was to enable students to see, first hand, the work of other artists. This is an important aspect of their GCSE course and one that would help them with further research for their own ideas. On arrival at the National Gallery, students were split in to two groups – U5 and L5 each with their own National Gallery expert. The L5 students looked at Still Life paintings and the U5 group looked at Portraiture. After very interesting talks in front of actual works of art, students were encouraged to go and find other paintings that interested them.

After a quick lunch, we all headed off to the National Portrait Gallery for a lecture on Image and Identity. This was given by one of the gallery’s educationalists and was very interesting and thought provoking questioning, among things, the difference between fame and celebrity and how they have been depicted throughout history.

This was a fantastic day and one which was enjoyed by all.