Fun At The Closed Weekend

Friday 1st May 2015

At the start of each term at Queen Anne’s, there is a closed weekend for boarders to enable the girls to spend the weekend together bonding in a variety of activities. On Friday 24 until Saturday 25 April, our two junior houses, Maddock and Wilkins, enjoyed a number of activities including a barbecue and a silent disco to round off the first week of term.

Below, Naida Alagic-Bowder, Maddock House, sums up the weekend in her own words:

“Friday had been a long day and after school, Maddock pupils were more than happy at the prospect of an amazing barbecue and silent disco to end their day with. The evening began with the girls placing themselves outside on warm outdoor picnic rugs, some students played outdoor games, and others chatted. The barbecue was a selection of delicious foods, cooked and prepared by the incredible Maddock staff. There was a variety of drinks and the options of hamburgers, hotdogs, and a side dish of salad. The girls were more than happy as they ate their food on the lawn and it was followed by yet more joy as the Disco commenced.

Wilkins and Maddock Houses joined together for the Disco in the Forum and all agreed it was a good way of socialising and having fun with girls from other boarding houses. The Disco was a disco unlike any other. Girls wore luminous headphone that had been brought over for the fun and they danced and danced to the great music the DJ played. Some girls found it surprisingly strange wearing headphones during the disco, but the second the music began everyone was having enormous fun, and they danced for hours before they were put to bed.

Saturday morning was calmer and students enjoyed attending some of the clubs that were listed for the day. There was a large array of activities that girls could choose from, stretching from sports, to arts, to cookery and cultural activities. Every girl found a perfect club and had fun!

Saturday afternoon however was rather different. Maddock and Wilkins House again joined together in a sports fun day! This began at 2.00pm and all the girls were to compete in several hilarious races including such classics as sack races, egg & spoon race, wheelbarrow race, and plenty more. Maddock cheered and laughed as they supported their friends. The race went on for about an hour and girls couldn’t say they didn’t have fun witnessing the sequence of hilarious events. Once the races were over the girls all tucked into a wonderful tea provided by the catering staff.

Over all, the weekend had been incredible and not one bit of it wasn’t fun. And all students are grateful to the wonderful Maddock House staff, who make all of these fun things possible.”

Written by Naida Alagic-Bowder, U4

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