Festive Fun in Wilkins House

Monday 9th December 2013

To get into the festive spirit, Wilkins House have enjoyed making Christmas biscuits – Sherry He, Year 4, shares her experience of designing biscuits for the Christmas tree in the school resturant:

“Christmas is coming so all the pupils are beginning to decorate the school and their own houses. Last Friday night, our Housemistress provided us with some biscuits and icing sugar from the school kitchen. We were separated into 3 groups and I was assigned into the group that decorated the biscuits. Louis, Nina and I were in the same group and we used icing sugar to draw on the biscuits. Louis drew a big smiley face on the biscuit with the white and pink icing sugar and we ended up decorating about 25 biscuits in total.

Afterwards, we had to wait for the sugar to dry and then we brought them to the kitchen. The biscuits were then used to decorate the Christmas tree which is now in the school restaurant.  I really enjoyed decorating the biscuits as we were able to draw whatever we wanted and we could really use our imagination. Now that the finished biscuits are hanging on the tree, it is a great reminder of all the fun we had decorating them in house.”


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