Extended Project Awards Success

Tuesday 3rd February 2015

On Tuesday 27 January, Queen Anne’s celebrated a number of outstanding projects, completed by Sixth Form students, at the Extended Project Awards Evening. Ten girls presented their projects and were presented with their prizes.

Please find below for details on the projects included at the Extended Projects Awards Evening:

Natasha Canter – The History and Development of Technology in Music

  • Natasha completed a concise overview of the development of recorded sound and how technology made possible new genres of music, production techniques and the social     implications of this. She cited many interesting developments with specific examples and effectively linked the technology with the cultural change. Her original perspective on this subject makes compelling reading, and could pave the way for further research.

 Jessica de Mulder – THE RACE IS ON: Science vs. Superbug

  • It is commendable how Jessica thoroughly researched the topic and included some clear and useful examples. The essay showed some pleasing detail and discussed the issues well. The discussion of the recent use of gene-scanning was particularly interesting. The essay maintained focus on the specific issue and it was structured in a way that made it easy to follow. It clearly used a good number of resources and managed to pull the threads of the argument together well, and effectively quoted statistics to back up the ideas being discussed.

 Lydia Marshall – The Study and History of Italian Opera

  • A very detailed research project which displays a profound understanding of operatic development in Italy. Arguments are developed, analytical work is in evidence and the presentation of ideas is excellent. A thorough and most engaging project. Well done, Lydia.

Lara Sharrock – Are Chimpanzees human?

  • Lara’s essay effectively gained the attention of the reader with an interesting quotation that set the scene for an excellent and very thoughtful essay. A clear understanding of the writings of Richard Dawkins was evident and his ideas were effectively applied to the topic being discussed, although the mention of ESS’s could have been elaborated on to a greater extent. The primacy of language and cultural evolution is dealt with well, although in fact there is now evidence that some primates use different sounds for different objects, so in effect have a simple language. Some monkeys have different words for ‘snake’ and ‘eagle’! The essay showed pleasing research and was very informative.

Hannah Reilly – The Literary Presentation of the Spanish Civil War

  • This was a sophisticated and cultured project which enabled Hannah to combine her two chief interests, English literature and Spanish. Hannah put “Homage to Catalonia” and “As I walked out one midsummer morning” into a clear social and historical context and there is some excellent close analysis of Laurie Lee and Orwell’s attitude to the unfolding tragedy of the Civil War in Spain.

 Francesca Barnes – Effects of adrenaline on cue recall and stimulus material.

  • A well-designed, well-researched and interesting project.  Francesca chose to investigate the impact of adrenaline on the recall of emotionally stimulating and neutral pictures.  It was clear from reading this report that Francesca had engaged in a great deal of independent research on this topic and what was particularly impressive was the way in which Francesca was able to use this research to build a clear rationale and to interpret the findings of her own research project.  The report overall was well-structured and the presentation of the findings very clear.  The results were thoroughly explained and interpreted in the discussion and the limitations of the research were clearly addressed.  Key papers were referenced clearly at the end of the report.

Laren Tayyip – Is it possible that Shakespeare’s villains may have desirable qualities?

  • Laren’s consideration of the presentation of villains and villainy in a selection of Shakespeare’s plays is interesting and engaging. She approaches her topic in a scholarly fashion, reaching conclusions that are carefully considered and founded on thorough research and understanding of texts and characters. In her project Laren demonstrates the ability to research independent of lesson and the keen desire to read around the subject. Her work is accurate and she expresses her views with a great deal of felicity.

Connor Baldridge – An Analysis and Application of the Literary Styles of American Authors

  • This was an unusual and challenging project in that three sophisticated pieces of pastiche were included in a more conventional piece of critical analysis. The writing examined the presentation of California in the publications of three modern American writers, Steinbeck, Kerouac and Tennessee Williams, and then taking a specific scenario of her own devising, explored how those writers might have responded. These creative pieces displayed a most sophisticated understanding of style, and explored how writers use language to achieve specific effects. Overall, this was a most original and thoughtful piece of work.