Dramanauts Fight the Good Fight…

Friday 9th October 2015

Our ten A Level dramanauts were treated to an outstanding drama Masterclass on Monday 5 October with movie fight director and stuntman Mark Ruddick. Mark, a regular visitor to dramaramaland, began the evening by telling the girls:

“I just love coming to Queen Anne’s; whenever I see the date in my diary, I know that I’m in for a fun night!”

And what a fun night it was! As the girls were instructed in how to create their own sword fight, the air was thick with shrieks and screams but, fear not, these weren’t the sounds of pain and injury, these were shrieks of laughter and hilarity! Truth be told, as the girls rehearsed their routines with wooden swords, some did appear more like Morris dancers than battle-hardened warriors.

It was a privilege and delight to welcome Mark back to Queen Anne’s to build on the work he has done in the past. His credits as a stuntman and fight director include “Skyfall”, “Warhorse” and – most recently – the new film of “Macbeth” and “Carmen” at Glyndebourne. It was, therefore, no surprise that the girls wanted Mark’s autograph and photos at the end of the session.

Click here to view a selection of photographs from the masterclass