Drama Workshop Packs a Punch!

Monday 13th January 2014

“…And don’t do it in the lunch queue!” were my final words to a group of dramanauts as they left the PAC on Friday night! The girls had been participating in a stage fighting workshop with professional fight director and stuntman Mark Ruddick. During the workshop, the girls were taught numerous stage fighting moves, including a variety of punches, kicks, slaps and stage falls. They then put their newly-found knowledge to good use by devising and performing their own stage fighting sequences.

At the end of the workshop, Mark, whose recent film credits include “X Men”, “Skyfall” and “Captain America” took questions from the girls. He explained how he prepared himself for being set on fire from head to toe, how to fall off a cliff top wearing a long dress and blonde wig (don’t ask!) and what it felt like to be blown sky-high in “Warhorse”.

The girls left the PAC promising to keep their fight routines out of the lunch queue. Mind you, I’ve heard that there was a bit of a rumpus in the boarding house that night….

Written by Mr Rhodri Punter, Head of Drama

Please see below for a slideshow of photographs from the workshop: