Creative Costumes and Inspiring Stories at World Book Day

Wednesday 12th March 2014

This year we celebrated World Book Day in typical Queen Anne’s style. The girls adorned themselves in a range of colourful, imaginative and creative costumes that ranged from a pair of chillies from Delia Smith’s Cookbook to Fayha Mohammed, who painted herself purple and came as Violet from Charlie in the Chocolate Factory. The overall prize for the Fancy Dress competition went to Charlotte Way and Emily Heath dressed as Mary Poppins and Burt, and the house competition was won by girls from Wisdome House, who put in an excellent and enthusiastic effort overall. Mr Owen, adorned in a rather menacing wolf mask, floral frock and Queen Anne’s red cape, won the prize for most imaginatively dressed member of staff.

During the course of the day Lower School girls worked with the inspiring and inspirational Storyteller, Ben Haggarty, and their response to his sessions and stories was overwhelmingly positive. Ben, who has hundreds of stories committed to memory, told many fantastical and magical stories based on folklore and oral traditions from different cultures, which had the girls enthralled on the edge of their seats. Girls in Upper Four commented:

“We were all mesmerised by Ben Haggarty’s story telling. The workshop gave us a bold sense of traditions being passed down through generations and how stories can be twisted and warped. I loved the way Ben Haggarty performed with clarity and confidence; it was inspirational”

“He made you feel as though you were really involved in the actual story and you were there! It was amazing!”

“I thought Ben Haggarty was brilliant. He was engaging, enthusiastic and told excellent stories. My favourite was the one with the cannibal king – even if it was a bit gory!”

Ben also judged our Lower School Creative Writing Competition and he commended the girls on the excellent quality of their entries and writing. It was a very difficult decision but, after much deliberation, prizes were awarded to Hannah Townend and Georgia Bray, and the overall prize went to Romily Hayward, whose story was chosen for the quality of the content and execution of the piece.

The Literary Date Competition was won by Upper Four student, Madeleine Kavanagh. In her lively and persuasive response she chose to take Draco Malfoy on a romantic date to Diagon Alley, where she would buy him a butter beer. In her entry, she commented that she understood he was a little evil but that nobody was perfect.

The Online Literary Quiz, kindly organised by Mr Lange, will close on Wednesday and the winning house will be announced next week. The e-reader competition is currently in full swing and girls in Lower Four and Year Four have logged an impressive 102 books so far. To be commended in particular are Isabel Salmon, who has logged an excellent 27 books and Sophie Lange, who has logged a highly commendable 19. We still, however, have a long way to go if we are to reach our target of 250 books by the end of the month! Get reading girls!

We are now looking forward to celebrating Shakespeare’s Birthday in style and arrangements for a typically Shakespearean lunch are underway!

Written by Mrs Hughes, Head of English

Please see below a slideshow of photographs from World Book Day at Queen Anne’s School: