Classics Trip To Bath

Monday 1st December 2014

On Thursday 27 November, Queen Anne’s Fifth Form Classics students enjoyed an educational visit to Bath.

It was an early start for many and Miss Douglas attempted to cheer everyone up with pain au chocolats and Latin sentences for translation.

First stop was the Roman Baths, where the group were greeted by a guide who gave us a detailed introduction to the site. The girls handled some real and replica Roman artefacts, with the strigil proving particularly popular. The idea of using gladiators’ sweat as a moisturiser horrified most people!

Then the group followed a tour around the bathing and temple complex, during which the Latinists deciphered some tricky religious inscriptions and the Classicists investigated Roman technology and religion. Some of the drawings of the Romano-Celtic goddess Sulis Minerva were particularly memorable…

At the end of the tour, all participants were encouraged to have a taste of the warm spa water, which, according to many, smelled like eggs and tasted like metal. Overall, it was not a popular choice of beverage.

After a morning at the Roman Baths, it was time for lunch. The group then headed out to enjoy the first day of this year’s Bath Christmas Market, which featured around 170 stalls, most of which were occupied by small businesses from the South West region. Among the purchases were some pieces of original artwork, plenty of chocolate, Christmas decorations, a few cuddly creatures, winter clothing and accessories, and a wooden hedgehog.

Happily, the return journey featured some delightful renditions of popular Christmas hits for all to enjoy.

A jolly good time was had by all and Miss Douglas and Mr Lovell are already looking forward to next year’s trip.

Classics Trip to Bath

Classics Trip to Bath