Cinderella Remixed

Friday 23rd May 2014

On Saturday 17 May, the L4 year group took part in three performances of “Cinderella Remixed”. Queen Anne’s Drama teacher, Mrs Galmiche, who organised the productions, gave her review below:

“At the beginning of the year, we in the drama department felt it would be a good idea to welcome the new girls by giving them the opportunity to do a showcase that included absolutely everyone.  Determined that every girl should have a speaking part, I set about creating a version of Cinderella with 18 characters; hence 3 fairy godmothers, 4 ugly sisters and some new characters who have never before set foot on stage in any version of the play!  The girls approached the production with enormous enthusiasm and learned everything we would hope from their first senior year in drama; how to create basic character, to speak clearly, to engage an audience, to co-operate and to offer creative ideas.  As a result, Saturday brought not only beautiful sunshine, but also three joyous performances of our very own ‘Cinderella Remixed’.  My sincere thanks to the girls for all their hard work, to all who came to support them (especially those parents/staff devoted enough to watch it three times over!) to Mrs Durham for her invaluable assistance and to Mrs Powell for her fabulous choreography.”

Please see below for a slideshow of photographs from the performances: