Christmas Celebrations At Michell

Thursday 12th December 2013

Monday night (9 December) saw a festive gathering of the Upper Sixth in Michell House.

After a long and hard working term, the girls were looking forward to a night of relaxation and having fun with each other. They kicked off the evening singing a few carols in high spirits as they worked their way through a quite remarkable spread of every type of crisp, chocolate and sweet conceivable.

The arrival of the much anticipated ‘Geezers pizza’ soon brought a quieter atmosphere as every girl happily ate their share. Content with their dinner, the girls moved to the Big Sit where, accompanied by a glass of mulled wine, they shared their secret santa presents with one another. An imaginative combination of flying sweets, Doctor Who figurines and nail polishes of every colour meant every girl was happy with their gift.

This was followed by the girls getting cosy in their pyjamas to watch the seasonal chic- flick ‘The Holiday’. After a couple of hours of ooo-ing and ahhh-ing (largely at Jude Law) and the usual suspects crying at the romantic sentiments, it was time to gather together sweets and presents. A relaxing, indulgent and well-earned party enjoyed by all!

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