Boy Band 'Taken' Perform For Lower School Pupils

Thursday 19th November 2015

‘Taken’, a boy band from Dublin visited the school on Thursday 12 November and performed to pupils in the Lower School. As well as singing, the group gave advice on cyber-bullying. Their talk was very interactive and formed an important part of the Queen Anne’s Wellbeing Programme.

Overall the event was a great success! The girls quickly got into the spirit of the event and really enjoyed themselves as well leaving with an important message reinforced!

‘Taken’ Review for Thursday 12 November by Lauren Richmond:

‘Taken’ were really good last Thursday. They performed great covers from One Direction and Justin Bieber before having a chat to us about cyber-bullying and how to stay safe online. They took it in turns to talk to us about how we should stay safe and how we should know if we are in danger. They really interacted with us which was good fun. Afterwards, as we left, we got to meet the band, take selfies with them and get their business card which they signed for us as we left.”

‘Taken’  – Band Report by Freya Bradbury and Aimee Naylor:

“On Thursday afternoon all of the Lower School listened to a small band from Dublin called ‘Taken’. They sang a variety of songs which included ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ by One Direction and ‘Shine’ by Years and Years. One of their original songs got us all on our feet, hands in the air followed by lots of applause at the end. As well as performing, they also talked about cyber-bullying and how to stay safe online.                                                                                                                                                                   They gave us really good advice on what to do when if are being cyber bullied: make sure all your privacy settings are on and never give out personal information. They shared that people online are not always who they claim to be. They also said to ignore any negative/bad comments as it is easier to bully online, as your identity is hidden and you are able to do it 24/7. During their talk they kept it humorous and included audience questions. Their final song was ‘What Do You Mean?’ and everyone sang along. As we left we had a chance to talk to them and get a signed photo from all of them. We really enjoyed it. A big thank you to Mrs McGrenary for organising a fantastic afternoon!”