Assembly: Jo McCreery

Thursday 4th December 2014

On Wednesday 3 December, former Queen Anne’s pupil, Jo McCreery, gave a talk to current pupils about her involvement with the charity Cameroon Catalyst. Jo, who left the school in 2012, spoke in depth about the charity, which was formed in 2009 by Civil Engineering students at the University of Southampton as a way for the students to use the knowledge gained through their degrees to benefit people in developing countries.

Each year a group of students gather information from the locals regarding what they consider the most useful project would be and proceed to design it, plan the implementation of this design and fund-raise the money to implement it. Everyone involved is a volunteer and every penny raised goes directly to the project. This year the plan is to install three water pumps in villages in the region of East Cameroon, which will result in 1000 people gaining access to clean water who don’t currently have it.

Explaining her involvement in the charity, Jo said, “As I am a French (and History) student and Cameroon is a French-speaking country, I help the charity by translating and interpreting communication with their contacts in Cameroon.”

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