A Level Psychology Trip To London

Wednesday 30th March 2016

Towards the end of the Lent term, a group of A Level students attended a Psychology Conference in London on Monday 21 March. Below, U6 student Rosie Dart, provides a review of the conference:

“On Monday 21 of March, we took a trip to an A Level Students’ Psychology Conference in London. The group heard from a variety of interesting speakers but the definite highlight of the event was Dr Philip Zimbardo’s presentation on his research and the nature of evil.

Zimbardo’s famous study, the Stanford Prison Experiment, continues to be one of the most fascinating and shocking studies in psychology; a study that consistently arises in our A Level lessons. So to see such a renowned psychologist talk about such a famous study was utterly exhilarating! We were also able to hear from his wife, psychologist Christina Maslach, who persuaded Zimbardo to terminate the study just six days in to the intended fourteen days – extremely interesting to hear another side of the story.

Zimbardo talked about his research into the ‘bystander effect’ and subsequently how he is turning the evidence from this research into a charity that helps people overcome the temptation to conform and ignore emergency situations. The group were also able to purchase signed photographs and copies of his books; a bonus to an already exciting day! His research continues to inspire and educate and thus it was an absolute pleasure to hear him present live. A huge thank you to the Psychology department for organising the trip!”