4s Trip To Sky Television Studios

Thursday 2nd July 2015

Pupils from the 4s had the opportunity to produce a very professional TV news report as part of their school trip to the Sky television studios on Friday 26 June.

The report was about the increase of “Text Speak” in our language. Four groups worked in different studios to produce a report from different locations. They started with an introduction from the newsdesk, then moved on to location at a school where the reporters interviewed a student and a member of staff. The final studio was a debate held between a language expert and a teacher.

In order to produce the report, the girls quickly learned to operate the camera, autocue, green screen and editing desk. It was a fantastic opportunity to work in teams using the latest technology.

Sky organised a really memorable day for the girls, including a visit to Sky Sports where pupils could watch live recordings being produced.  At the end of the day, each girl was given a copy of their report to take away.

Following the trip, the ICT department now hope to build on this experience by filming some news reports based on events taking place within school, in the next academic year.