3rd Place For Kids' Lit Quiz Team

Wednesday 2nd December 2015

Congratulations to India Paton, Delilah Bright, Emilia Morris and Isobel Salmon who won 3rd place at the recent Oxfordshire and Berkshire heat of the Kids’ Lit Quiz, hosted at Cokethorpe School in Witney. Below, team captain Isobel, shares her experience of the day:

“On Thursday 26 November we took two teams and some reserves to the Oxfordshire and Berkshire heat of the Kids’ Lit Quiz, this year hosted at Cokethorpe School in Witney. After a long drive, we were all glad to be able to stretch our legs a bit on the slightly longer than expected walk from the car park to the building in which it was being housed.

After both teams chose the last round, which was the Superheroes round as their double points round, things were soon ready to commence and we started to answer the ten questions of the first round with nine more soon on their way.

After not being able to quite hear the quizmaster at first (whether it be his strong kiwi accent or the poorly placed speakers, we’ll never know) we soon adapted and were confidently powering through the questions. Finally it came to the final round. Ten questions that could make or break where we would come overall. Ploughing through the last questions with ease, only having one small slip up, led our first team to win a prize for scoring the highest total amount of points without already winning a round. After gaining eighteen points instead of the usual nine (we selected it as our double points remember), we were thinking we hadn’t done too badly but were reluctant to get our hopes up.

When the time came to announce the top three teams, we were satisfied with how we had done but not expecting to receive anything. They then announced third place…

It was Queen Anne’s 1! India Paton, Delilah Bright, Emilia Morris and I (Isobel Salmon) had managed to procure the title of third place out of thirty-two, receiving certificates and £10 of book tokens each. Our shock was evident as we made our way to the stage to receive our prizes from Councillor John Sanders, Chairman of Oxfordshire County Council.

This is the best Queen Anne’s School has ever done in the Kids’ Lit Quiz in the six years we have been doing it. After doing this for two years, I’m glad that we came third in my final year of doing the Kids’ Lit Quiz. If future team members ever need any advice or if anyone ever wants to talk to me about reading I will always be on hand.”

Iz from the Quiz (2014 and 2015 Team Captain: Isobel Salmon)