3 Faiths Forum Visits Queen Anne's

Tuesday 1st April 2014

On Tuesday 18 March, Queen Anne’s welcomed representatives from 3 Faiths Forum to the school to lead the 4s in a series of workshops entitled ‘The Art of Asking’, The Art of Empathy’ and ‘Encountering Faiths and Beliefs.’

Following the afternoon, pupils gave their opinions on how the workshops went:

“I found this experience very interesting and a lot of fun”.

“I learned a lot about other religions as well as discovering more about myself”.

“I now feel more confident asking questions as we were taught how to phrase questions so that they don’t cause offence”.

“I enjoyed having the chance to meet people of different faiths”.

“It was a good opportunity to ask questions about different religions”.

“It was interesting hearing about other people’s backgrounds and how they had made a choice of belief without any input from others”.

“We were able to listen to each other and answer each other’s questions”.

“I hope we have another chance to do a similar activity”.

3 Faiths Forum Workshop

3 Faiths Forum Workshop







3 Faiths Forum is an organisation committed to building understanding and lasting relationships between people of all faiths and beliefs. 3 Faiths Forum believe that in our diverse society, good relations between communities are essential and without them, myths and prejudices flourish, often leading to racism and intolerance. Their workshops aim to break down barriers, debunk myths and provide a safe place where young people can ask difficult questions. For more information regarding the organisation, please visit their website.