133 Christmas Boxes Created For "Operation Christmas Child"

Tuesday 24th November 2015

For the 5th year running, Queen Anne’s pupils have taken part in “Operation Christmas Child” – the world’s largest children’s Christmas project, organised by The Samaritans. The project involves giving shoeboxes full of Christmas gifts to children who are less fortunate, regardless of their background or religious beliefs.

This year, pupils from all years and houses have come together to wrap, pack and decorate 133 Christmas boxes, a fantastic achievement for the school! The boxes have now been handed over to the Samaritans who will send them overseas with the help of thousands of volunteers.

Below, pupils share their experiences of taking part in this year’s “Operation Christmas Child”:


“It was a wonderful opportunity to be able to make the Christmas boxes for children in need around the world who are less fortunate than us. In Holmes house we had a great time choosing things to put in our boxes, from toothpaste and towels to teddy bears and sweets, that we’re sure will be greatly appreciated by the boys and girls that receive them. It’s lovely to think about the 133 children who will be receiving the Christmas boxes and all the lovely presents inside which they can play with. We hope that these boxes will bring big smiles to their faces when they receive them.” 

Kate Tremayne and Lucy Daniels, Holmes House

“After half term, Webbe house got together with their tutor groups and organised themselves appropriately to create approximately 30 boxes filled with gifts to be sent to the less fortunate in time for Christmas. We were excited to work with the given age and gender categories to personalise presents accordingly. This project enabled us to think about those living in poverty who might not experience the same Christmas as we do.”

 Charlotte Gwillim, Webbe House

“Wilkins House all got together in our families with our L6 aunts to make Christmas shoe boxes for children who would not normally receive any Christmas presents.  In our small families we decided who would bring in the shoe box and who would bring in the presents. The following week we all got back together to wrap the box with Christmas paper and to put all the presents into them.  People brought in many different kind of things, such as toys, stationery, bathroom stuff and lots more.  It was really nice to do this kind of thing, not only with our family, but also as a house.  I think we all did a really good thing so the children will have Christmas presents this year.  We all definitely enjoyed doing it as well!”

Liza Semaeva, Wilkins House

“On Friday 13 November, Maddock house came together for “Operation Christmas Child”. This consisted of the girls in the house filling a wrapped box full of presents for less fortunate children in Sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. This was a great opportunity for the house to come together as a team to wrap the boxes, help to fill the boxes with gifts and to help deliver them to the Samaritan’s Purse charity. It was lovely to see different years helping and working together to not only spread happiness to other children but also within the house. It gave people the opportunity to get to know one another and overall, put in a huge team effort to do something wonderful.”

Lauren Philliban, Maddock House  

“The girls in Ffyler worked towards their family challenge by creating Christmas boxes for the Charity “Samaritans Purse” which deliver them to children who may not get a present this year. The outcome in Ffyler alone was very successful with almost 20 boxes made.”

Yasmin Farley, Ffyler House

“This November, Queen Anne’s has once again been taking part in “Operation Christmas Child” – a huge project organised by The Samaritans aiming to provide Christmas presents for children living in poverty or war zones. Over the past few weeks, everyone in Wisdome have been getting involved with wrapping, packing, and decorating our Christmas boxes. The ‘Sit’ has been overflowing with all the lovely little gifts everyone has brought in and it was great to see the effort everyone had gone to; (the glittery Christmas paper also seemed to spark some extra early Christmas spirit which soon spread infectiously within the house!) Many of the older girls said the project gave the house “a valuable and fun opportunity for the various years to come together and create something for a wonderful charitable cause”. Knowing these boxes will go and bring happiness to other children less fortunate than ourselves truly captures the essence of Christmas, and I am aware that everyone is really excited to hear where our boxes have been sent!”

Niamh Edwards, Wisdome House