U4 Explore Roman Living in Classical Civilisation

Tuesday 13th March 2018

The Upper 4 C group for Classical Civilisation has recently embarked on a project of investigation and recording, to discover and compare differences between living as a wealthy or a poor Roman.

Both the Domus (a wealthy Roman’s house) and the Insula (an apartment for a poor Roman) were researched, and information was recorded on details like construction, function, furniture, decoration etc. Many groups comprised of one or two pupils, produced elaborate three dimensional models of either one or both of these dwellings.


“I find Art therapeutic and I enjoyed focusing on the details. I learned so much about how the Romans lived and based my model on the home of a on a poorer family which features a communal pool.” Lucy R


“My favourite part about this project was making the model. I was able to learn lots about Roman living and how there was a big divide between the rich and poor.” – Christina C



The work is of a fine standard and reflects the understanding and growing knowledge which this group has on the topic, coupled with an insatiable urge to improve and to progress.