The story behind the final piece

Thursday 17th May 2018

Our A Level Art students have been exploring many interesting themes during their final year at Queen Anne’s, and in turn have created stunning and emotive final pieces.

We would like to highlight the work of Cindy, an U6 student studying Art at A Level. From Shanghai, China, she has explored the themes that are important to her which is reflected in both her coursework and examination work.


Cindy’s grandparents, under Chairman Mao’s regime, were both imprisoned because they were academics. They were sent to do hard labour which had an impact on Cindy’s father, who grew up without his parents for most of his childhood. Cindy wanted to create a piece that reflected her father’s story, and so created a textile piece that shows the power of the Communist regime and how it affected her family.


For her examination, Cindy was influenced by the work of contemporary Chinese Artists. She then conducted further research into China’s One Child Policy, which is topic close to her heart as she was born under this policy and, consequently, grew up without siblings.


“Our exam paper was themed, ‘Limitations of Freedom’ and I started the exam by looking at different limitations in Chinese culture. This included foot-binding for women, gender roles and One Child Policy. In China, millions of babies, girls especially, from the countryside were dumped as their parents prefered baby boys instead. Therefore, baby girls became the biggest victims. This is when I started my idea of making a dress for unwanted girls.”

“The Art Department was great! Ms Beales and Mrs Brookmee are very inspiring and helpful. They have always encouraged me to take challenges and offered me lots of support on both my textile and art history essay. I am going to study Art History at University and my time at Queen Anne’s School was fun and memorable”