Front of Queen Anne’s School


At Queen Anne’s we value our girls as individuals and strive to help them reach their potential. Strong academic and pastoral care encourages students to build confidence, stretch their abilities and achieve their goals. We have a ‘no limits’ approach to the girls’ learning and development that produces excellent academic results and outstanding achievements in every field.

The school’s warm and friendly atmosphere makes it easy for girls to settle into the school and make long-lasting friendships, while the house system creates a home-from-home environment, which encourages girls to develop inter-personal skills and learn to understand and respect those around them. As we face the challenges of the 21st Century, our aim is to create happy, successful, independent young women, who thrive on new experiences and are able to pursue their goals with confidence.

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We aim to provide an excellent education for girls between the ages of 11–18. By the time our girls leave us, we strive that they:

  • will benefit from an excellent, all round education;
  • will be able to develop their creative, physical, emotional and spiritual qualities and talents ;
  • will be encouraged to celebrate their own and others’ individuality and helped to identify their individual strengths and needs
  • will benefit from belonging to a nurturing boarding community where they learn to be mutually supportive as well as responsible, enterprising and independent individuals;
  • will become confident, well-balanced individuals, able to take their places in society as good citizens and leaders, and able to form strong and enduring relationships with others.

Through boarding, we aim to enable girls to:

  • grow into independent, disciplined and self-reliant adults;
  • develop good relationships with families, friends, staff and fellow students;
  • develop their own moral, spiritual and social values;
  • thrive in the community using the school’s core values as a guidance;
  • fulfil their potential both intellectually and academically;
  • fulfil their potential in sporting, creative and other interests;
  • have opportunities for leadership and responsibility within the house.