Scholarships at Queen Anne's



Queen Anne’s School offers Scholarships for entry at 11+, 13+ and Sixth Form based upon merit to encourage the promotion of excellence across all aspects of the school’s life.

All girls are eligible to be granted an academic award at 11+ and 13+ based on their Common Entrance Examination. Applications for 11+ and 13+ scholarships should be received by the Headmistress no later than mid-November in the year prior to entry. Applications for the Sixth Form Scholarship Examination should be received by the Headmistress no later than the autumn half-term in the academic year prior to entry. Details of how to apply are sent to registered families prior to Entrance Examination.


Queen Anne’s School Scholarship and Innovation programme aligns with the core values of its Foundation Schools to cultivate and encourage creative expression, entrepreneurship, and innovative thinking.

For more information about our Scholarship and Innovation programme, please click here.


Academic Scholarships are awarded as a result of the Entrance Examinations. The School will normally award an Academic Scholarship up to a maximum of 30% of day fees and two other Academic Scholarships up to a maximum of 20% of day fees in each year. Smaller Scholarships or Exhibitions may also be awarded.


All Round Scholarships are available to candidates who are strong academically and also demonstrate ability in art, drama, music or sport. Candidates will be required to choose two out of these four options and will be examined in their two chosen options together with English and mathematics examination papers. The School will normally award an All Round Scholarship up to a maximum of 20% of day fees.


The School offers Bursary assistance to parents of girls entering the School where prospective parents would otherwise not be able to send their daughters to Queen Anne’s. Uniform grants of up to £500 are also available for parents of girls entering the School. Our aim in offering this assistance is to increase access to independent education.

The School may also offer financial support to parents of girls already at the school whose financial circumstances worsen unexpectedly.

All applications for Bursaries are considered on the basis of individual circumstances and are means tested. Application details are available from Mr Edward Hellings.

For September 2020 applicants, please return the completed applications to Mr Hellings no later than mid-November 2019.