Full Board £12,690 per term
Includes tuition, board, laundry, ordinary medical care and use of books which are provided below Sixth Form.

Flexi Board
3 or 4 nights per week £12,060 per term
2 nights per week £11,440 per term

Day £8,205 per term
Includes tuition, ordinary medical care and use of books which are provided below Sixth Form.

Overnight accommodation £64 per night

Exeat weekend £120 per weekend

Exeat weekend (including a Bank Holiday) £160 per weekend

Generous discounts are available for families of the British Armed Forces and siblings of existing Queen Anne’s School pupils. Scholarships are offered for entry at 11+, 13+ and 16+ and are awarded for excellence in one or more fields of the life of the school. Awards may be made in respect of Academic Excellence, All-Round Contribution, Art, Drama, Music or Sport. Scholarship applications for 16+ must be received by the October half-term and 11+ and 13+ by 1st December in the year prior to entry. Details of how to apply are sent to registered families prior to entrance examination. A limited number of means-tested bursaries are also available each year.

Instrumental Tuition £300 per term
9 x 40 minute lessons

  • Bassoon
  • Brass
  • Clarinet
  • Drum-kit
  • Flute
  • Guitar
  • Harp
  • Oboe
  • Organ
  • Piano
  • Saxophone
  • Viola
  • Violin
  • Violoncello
  • Other instruments are available on request

Hire of Musical Instrument £85 per term

Solo Singing £300 per term
9 x 40 minute lessons

Speech and Drama
Individual 8 x 40 minute lessons £220 per term
Groups (up to 5) 8 x 40 minute lessons £130 per term

Tennis and Squash Coaching (approximate figures)
Individual 9 x 35 minute session £270 per term

Group (2) 9 x 35 minute session £140 per term
Group (4 – tennis only) 9 x 35 minute session £95 per term

Dance Classes (Imperial Ballet, Modern Theatre & Tap)

Individual = £340 per term
Small Group = £170 per term
Large Group = £95 per term

All external examination fees, including GCSE and A Level fees are charged at cost. This varies between about £20 and £60 per subjects.

School fees must be paid termly in advance and are due on the first day of each term.

Withdrawal of a pupil from school must be given in writing to the Headmistress by the first day of the term at the end of which it is to take effect.  A full term’s fees must be paid if the requisite notice is not given.  A full term’s notice must be given to change from boarding to flexi boarding or day otherwise a term’s fees are payable in lieu of notice.  Places are subject to availability.  Please note that a full term’s notice must be given if an optional subject is to be discontinued.  Otherwise the fee must be paid.



To confirm a place for your daughter, payment of a deposit is required together with a signed Admissions Agreement. The deposit is refundable against the final bill when your daughter leaves Queen Anne’s. The level of deposit is as follows:

UK applicants – £1,000
EU applicants – £2,500
Other overseas applicants – £10,000