11+13+ at Queen Anne’s

11+ & 13+


At Queen Anne’s School, we traditionally look at girls entering at 11+ and 13+. We promote individuality in our girls and therefore, assess each girl on an individual basis. We always seek to reward what has been done well.


Our 11+ and 13+ Assessment Day takes place in October, prior to Common Entrance in January. On Assessment Day girls will take a short English paper, complete online reasoning tests and will also be involved in a group interview. We don’t want it to be all hard work and no fun however, fun activities also take place during the day.


The Common Entrance Examinations are used for assessing boys and girls who transfer to senior schools at the ages of 11+ and 13+.  The syllabuses are devised and regularly monitored by the Independent Schools’ Examination Board (ISEB) composed of representatives of the Headmasters’ Conference (HMC), the Girls’ Schools Association (GSA) and the Incorporated Association of Preparatory Schools (IAPS).  The papers are set by examiners appointed by the Board, but the answers are marked by the senior school for which a candidate is entered.

Where the candidates are at schools which sit Common Entrance, they are entered by their school for the examination on a form provided automatically by the ISEB.  Please check whether your daughter’s school will register her for the Common Entrance or whether you need to register her with the ISEB yourself.  Where candidates are at schools which do not normally enter candidates for the examination, parents should contact the ISEB here.


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