A warm welcome to Queen Anne’s School, an independent boarding and day school for girls aged 11-18, located in Caversham, Berkshire with approximately 60% day and 40% boarding students. Renowned for academic success alongside outstanding pastoral care and an award-winning Sixth Form centre. There is no such thing as a ‘Queen Anne’s girl’. Here at Queen Anne’s independent boarding and day school you will find a strong community of real girls. Girls who are curious, intellectually alive, energetic and eager to learn, grow and explore. Girls who are individuals. Students will excel and achieve at the school through first-class teaching, education clinics, co-curricular opportunities and pastoral care. The school delivers a high quality all-round education both inside and outside the classroom, together with a positive approach to learning that guides the girls to become ever more self-assured and prepared for life after school.

When choosing secondary schools, Queen Anne’s immediately stood out to me due to its widely versatile curriculum. Being a young ambitious girl, I was looking for a school where I could excel in academics and pursue my love for sport and music further. Over the last six years at Queen Anne’s, I have discovered my passion for Science, and I now study Biology, Chemistry and Maths, with a view to pursuing a degree in Natural Sciences. In addition, through the support and guidance of my teachers at Queen Anne’s, I have been able to achieve my sporting goal to become accepted into the U19 England Lacrosse National Academy and reach Grade 8 clarinet in music.

Being Head Girl allows me to give back to the school, passing on my experiences of failure and success, and the knowledge I have gained throughout these years. I aim to inspire the younger girls at Queen Anne’s just as the previous Head Girls have done for me, to make the most of everything this school has to offer, discover their passion, and achieve their full potential. I am honoured and proud to be able to say I am a Queen Anne’s girl.


Mrs Harrington used to always stress the fact that Queen Anne’s is a small school, however, in the past, I never understood why this was such a strength. My mentality was ‘bigger is better’, but was it? One of the many aspects, which make Queen Anne’s a community, as well as a school, is our close proximity to each other. The title of L6 doesn’t mean you will not integrate with a L4, and therefore we have developed a strong school spirit. The range of competitions, house activities and cross-year events gives every girl the opportunity to know everyone and to be known. And through all these opportunities, confidence is ingrained into every one of us – we no longer fear the pressure of expectations, for we have the chance to set our own and, in doing so, surpass what we believe we could ever do (my example being Head Girl).

So I believe, my role as Head Girl will be easy – the foundation is already set and the formula for success is there – all I have to do is show the way: help the girls see that every opportunity thrown their way should be embraced, because eventually it will be the basis of their success. And what is success? Leaving this school a better version of yourself, than you began.


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At Queen Anne’s we value our girls as individuals and strive to help them reach their potential. Strong academic and pastoral care encourages students to build confidence, stretch their abilities and achieve their goals. We are confident that your daughter will shine and achieve at Queen Anne’s.

We understand how important it is to choose the right school for your daughter and the information we can give you might not be enough. Therefore, we invite you to take time to explore the various inspections that have taken place over recent years and be assured Queen Anne’s is everything we claim it to be.

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