L6 Trip to Wokefield Park

Monday 26th September 2016

On Sunday 18 – Monday 19 September, the entire L6 year group visited Wokefield Park to participate in a weekend trip away, engaging in fun team-building and leadership exercises, alongside forming new friendships.

Below, L6 student Yasmin, provides a writeup of the trip:

“Having set off on a Sunday morning to Wokefield Park, many were sceptical of what kind of fun activity weekend involved getting up early on a Sunday. However, we were most certainly proved wrong and the following day and a half combined both thinking and practical skills that the whole year participated in.

When we arrived at Wokefield Park, we were greeted by one member of the group who would be leading our time there; having been taken down to the wooded area, we were randomly put into teams and were assigned a group leader. The first task allocated to all the groups involved orienteering. Having been handed a selection of photographs of places around the estate, we were allowed to glance at the ‘master map’ of the area before setting off with a camera in hand to photograph our group in front of the objects depicted in the photos we were given.

Despite the wet and misty weather, we all headed out enthusiastically as the aim of the activity was to see how many photos you could get in order to win. Having run back to the meeting point just in time, much to our delight and surprise, our group won the challenge, followed closely by the other groups. What I found particularly engaging about this activity was that it allowed everyone to mix with people who they do not see all the time and it was a good way to start bridging gaps within friendships right at the beginning of our stay there. As this trip is run at the beginning of the L6, there are also quite a few new people so it was very enjoyable to get to know everyone better.

Following on from the orienteering challenge, for the rest of the day we continued by doing activities that involved thinking skills as well as a small amount of physical activity on the low ropes. All the different groups were split off into separate activities, allowing us all to have a go at everything. The activities we did ranged from solving jigsaw puzzles to walking along and balancing on ropes. My favourite activity was the first one we completed; it involved a problem-solving grid where you had to get from one side of the area to the other. Whenever you took an incorrect step, our group leader said ‘no’, meaning you had to restart.

It took us quite a long time to grasp the first pattern; nonetheless we managed to complete it within the allotted time. However, the second stage proved more difficult as we soon figured out that rather than a pattern being needed to get to the other side of the grid, whoever was completing the grid needed to be wearing Paavan’s glasses, reminding us all that we should not have got stuck in such a fixed way of thinking. Throughout participating in the activities, we always learnt or were prompted of a skill we perhaps need to enhance more both in and out of the classroom.

At around 5.00pm, the activities were wrapped up for the day and all the groups headed back to the hotel, where some chose to take advantage of the free teas on offer, whilst others headed off to the pool. Later on, everyone congregated for dinner, which, much to everyone’s delight, consisted of a Sunday roast. The time we had left in the evening was a great opportunity to see everyone we had not been with for the majority of the day as well as mix as a year once again.

The following morning allowed us all to have a slightly later start and a more relaxed morning. Having spent the previous day completing less physical and more mental activities, Monday morning gave us all the opportunity to participate in ‘high rope’ activities; these ranged from climbing walls to jumping off wobbly poles and being caught by a harness. Having all been put in the same group as the previous day, we already had an indication of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing us to help each other as necessary; in particular, for those who had a fear of heights, it was great to see everyone supporting and encouraging one another. Overall, this day seemed to be everyone’s favourite as not only did it allow us to bond even more as a year group, we also had a lot of fun along the way, particularly when we heard some of the amusing comments being made when people reached the top of a rather high apparatus.

Throughout the weekend, our year group combined very effectively, and involved everyone, whether they had been at the school for five weeks or not much more than five days. It was a very enjoyable experience that we are all most thankful for.”

Click here to view a selection of photographs from the Wokefield Park Trip 2016


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